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Vox VT20X Modelling Combo Amp



Although famed for their iconic and now legendary “AC” amps, Vox continue to push the envelope with their new innovations in modelling technology.

The VT20X employs VET (Virtual Element Technology) which is based on the careful analysis of the components of amp circuits themselves. This allows you to get closer than ever before to a range of killer amp sounds. The inclusion of Vox’s Valvetronix tube preamp means that the VT20X actually feels and responds like a real tube amp!

You can even vary the feel of the power section by using the “Power Level” control.

The amp models range from Fender-style cleans to Vox’s signature mid-gain tones all the way through to crushing modern metal.

A new feature in this range is the ability to assign effects as “pedals” within the amp. This are essentially ways for you to further modify and enhance your core amp sound and include *deep breath* compression, chorus, overdrive, distortion, flanger, phaser, tremolo, delay, room reverb, spring reverb, hall reverb and plate reverb!

There is even a USB port for you to connect to your Mac, PC, iOS or Android device in order to access the Vox Tone Room software. This allows you to customise and edit your favourite amp models within the app!

Here at RAD, we’re staggered by how far modelling technology has come. The Vox VT20X is a fantastic-sounding amp with an impressive array of tonal options that not only “feels” great but comes at an incredible price point.

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