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Vox VDL-1 Dynamic Looper Effects Pedal



The Vox VDL-1 is essentially a looper pedal that can provide two independent loops at once with a combined loop length of up to 90 seconds. It comes with a whole host of effects built in and a wah-style pedal treadle that allows you to control various parameters. There is also an XLR input so the VDL-1 is not strictly limited to guitar.

The units effects processing capabilities are really what set it apart from other loop pedals. The ability to add chorus, flanger, phaser, compressor, tremolo and even various overdrives allows you to craft a unique soundscape of different textures and atmospheres as you loop in real-time- there are even acoustic and bass guitar emulations.

You can change effects on the fly however there are also 50 preset programs and 50 user programs available that allow you to save your favourite combinations of effects, ready to access in the heat of battle!

The VDL-1 also possesses the ability to manipulate the loops you’ve recorded- you can slow them down, change the pitch and even reverse them.

This looper is an amazing creative tool that is perfectly suited to live applications. Those who are fans of Ed Sheeran will know how effective a loop pedal can be in enhancing a live performance. In fact, Ed managed to take on Wembley Stadium single-handed by using nothing but a guitar and a loop pedal!

The range of effects and processing options available here open up endless creative opportunities as a practice, song-writing or live performance tool.

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