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Laney Lionheart L20T-212 Amp 20w - (Blue)



The Lionheart range represents a monumental turning point for Laney Amplification.

Best known for their longstanding relationship with metal titans such as Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath, Daniel Linde of HIM and Joel Stroetzl of Killswitch Engage, the Lionheart range sees Laney entering the arena of the Class ‘A’ boutique amp and into the hands of bands like the Foo Fighters and The Killers!

The Lionheart comes in several formats, both heads and combos.

The Laney Lionheart L20T-212 amp is a 20 watt, Class ‘A’, 2x12 combo housing both Celestion G12H 70th Anniversary and Vintage 30 12” drivers.

This speaker combination showcases the Lionheart as Laney would have you hear it- the combination of G12H and Vintage 30 drivers delivering a complex and unique tonal voice.

This, combined with the open back cabinet design, gives a variety of options in a studio environment.

The 20 watt power section is just about perfect for stage and studio applications. It enables you to push the amp hard and hit it’s ‘sweet spot’ without taking the roof of the venue!

The Lionheart really excels at clean, low and medium gain tones- ideal for interacting with pedals but an amazing standalone amp in it’s own right.

It features hi and lo inputs, a three band EQ, bright switch, two volume controls, a master tone control and onboard reverb.

Both channels are footswitch-able, making it possible to get the absolute best out of the amp in a gigging situation.

The Lionheart amp range has exposed Laney to a whole new generation of musicians, breaking free of any past genre pigeon-holing and bursting onto pro stages all over the world!

Features & Specifications

Cabinet Design: Marine grade plywood with retro banding strip, leather strap handle and folding tilt back mechanism
Channels: 2 clean & drive
Class: Class A
Drivers: 1 x 12" celestion G12H 70th anniversary & 1 celestion vintage 30
Equalisation: Passive bass, middle and treble
Footswitch: FS2 (included)
FX Loop(s): Yes
Input: 2 X Jack, hi and lo
Output valves: 4 x EL84
Power: 20 watts
Reverb: Yes - High quality digital reverb
Speaker connection: 2 X jacks
Unit dimensions - for int. case: (H) 543  x (W) 750 x (D) 329mm
Weight: Unit 31g, packed 33kg
Bright switch: Yes

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